The Amazing Odie!

Odie was rescued at 3 months old, weighing only 11 lbs. His condition was one of the worst cases of neglect we had seen. Odie was kept in a small crate in a dark basement and given very little food, love, and care.

As you can see from his intake photos, Odie was in truly horrendous condition. He was diagnosed with carpal laxity syndrome, a weakening of the wrist muscles from malnutrition.

Flourishing under his foster mom’s care and being provided with nutritious food and all the love he could ask for, Odie learned how to be a happy healthy puppy.

Odie grew into a handsome boy who was adopted into a loving family who understood his early neglect and gave him plenty of time to learn to trust again.

With loving care from his foster mom and forever family, Odie beat the odds for a full recovery and found his forever family.

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