Sweet Sandy & Her Babies

Sandy was found scrounging for food in a feral cat colony in Flint. Sandy is the rare orange tabby female, only 20% of orange cats are female, and she was heavily pregnant.

Our volunteer Edith Campbell, the head of Pets In Peril (PIP), makes sure the colony is fed and cared for. Edith worked to gain Sandy’s confidence, scoop her up into a carrier, and bring her to the farm at Last Chance Rescue.

We have a special room in the house set up for pregnant cats and also for small kittens. Sandy had taken a chance to trust Edith but was very scared when she came to Last Chance. We had to be very gentle and careful with her so she could learn to trust humans.

Sandy arrived at the end of February and she had 6 kittens on March 26. Her kittens were 2 ginger boys, Rocky and Stony; 3 tortoiseshell girls, Marbles, Pebbles, and Dig 301; and a dilute tortoiseshell girl, Annabel Lee.

The first to be adopted was Annabel Lee and Dig 301, who were adopted before getting their shelter name. Next, it was Marbles’ and Pebbles’ turn to go as a pair to a loving forever home. It took a while for Rocky and Stony to find their forever family, but then it was their turn.

It was amazing that Sandy’s kittens all got adopted in pairs! Once her boys were adopted, Sandy began to become friendlier and friendlier. She was less shy and more willing to interact with people.

We listed Sandy for adoption and she was adopted by a guardian who will treat her like the rare special princess she is.

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