Giving Chances on #GivingTuesday

At the center of everything Last Chance Animal Rescue does is the desire to give a chance to as many abused, abandoned, or neglected animals as possible. We have an experienced group of volunteers and fosters ready to provide loving care and shelter. Last Chance is entirely funded by donations from our generous donors and that is what we desperately need from you this #GivingTuesday.

First Chances

The puppies and kittens we foster through the rescue receive their first chance at a happy healthy life in a loving home. Given love, shelter, food, and vet care, along with socialization, these babies make wonderful companions for their adopted families. Unfortunately, a lot of our little ones come to us sick and in need of more advanced vet care and medicine. Your donation will help us to provide all the food and vet care these babies need. Donate to give more First Chances.

Second Chances

Many cats and dogs are abandoned or surrendered to the rescue by their guardians. They need a second chance to find a forever family. These animals are often ill or injured and require vet care and rehabilitation. They are fostered by loving people who help to rebuild their health and trust in humans before they are offered for adoption. Donate to give more Second Chances.

Last Chances

In addition to adoptable animals, Last Chance runs a sanctuary for cats who are not able to be adopted, the Farm Cats. These cats, through no fault of their own, are on their last chance. Many of the Farm Cats are special needs and/or elderly. They live in heated rooms in the barn with free access to an enclosed catio. They are provided sofas and chairs for lounging, love and attention from our volunteers, and all the care they need for the rest of their lives. Donate to give more Last Chances.

2 thoughts on “Giving Chances on #GivingTuesday

  1. For all our favorite fur and feather kids at the farm, in the house, in the barn prayers that God peoples hearts will continue to be willing to help provide for your needs. Including love


  2. I am so thankful for all that last chance rescue does for these animals. People can’t even imagine the extent of what has been done here . Until I hands on volunteered and saw with my own eyes I sure didn’t know. God bless every one of you.


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